Careers in Photography – Just Point & Shoot

Do you enjoy taking pictures? If so, then a career in photography may be of interest to you! Taking pictures is a very enjoyable activity for many people and it’s one you can earn a living from. A career in photography can be rewarding and lucrative. While it is true that finding employment in it is more difficult than, say, finding employment in information technology, good photographers are able to find work.There are different types of photography careers that you can obtain employment in, which is part of what makes photography such a satisfying career. The possibilities with it are endless. One of the most satisfying benefits of this career field is the opportunity to start your own business.Wedding PhotographerWedding photography is one of the most common career paths for a photographer. Wedding photographers are responsible for taking pictures of the bride, groom, wedding party, families, etc. The nice thing about wedding photography is that it is typically pays well. The downside is your weekends will be tied up. However, this leaves other days of the week open for other types of photography gigs or simple relaxation.Baby PhotographerThere’s just something about a baby and a camera that go together. People like to have their baby’s picture taken for special occasions such as birthdays, graduations, baptisms, etc. This is becoming a booming opportunity for those interested in a photography career. Opportunities are available at Sears, Wal-Mart, and other large department stores. This is an excellent field for those who wish to work from home too. Baby photography is a very profitable and flexible photography career field.Model PhotographerAnother well paying career in photography is model photography. Photographers that work in this field are responsible for taking pictures of models for a variety of layouts like magazines, advertisements, catalogs, websites, and more. This career will tap your creative juices and photographic skills as you try to capture the essence of each model.Requirements for a Photography CareerA career in photography may or may not require a degree. It depends on the job. It does require some training. The best training comes from just doing it. Buy a good quality camera and start shooting pictures. If you’re new to it and want to make a career of it then getting additional training is money well spent. Check with your local college. They usually offer classes on it that can teach you the basic skills needed to take good pictures.So what are you waiting for? Photography career opportunities abound. Explore the possibilities open to you.

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